3 Magic Principles to Help You with Interior Design in Mumbai

What makes a room beautifully decorated? Is it about plenty of lights? Is it expensive and heavy curtains? Or is it hanging original paintings? According to world's leading interior designers, there is not just one magic formula that will help you create your dream room. Every interior decorator starts from the scratch and proceed step by step with particular things like space, lighting, curtains, carpets, paint, and so on. Living in a metro city like Mumbai has many benefits. It is the home of some of the best interior decorators of the world. Interior design in Mumbai has flourished lavishly over the last few years, which proves that people are more concerned about how their houses will look. After interviewing some of the best interior decorators in Mumbai, they have suggested the following seven secrets of creating a great room in your home. The best part? Doing it properly does not mean that it has to be expensive.

Take decisions first!

First and foremost, it is especially important to go slow if you have a fixed budget. It's not a good idea to buy everything you like and then repent when you come back home. So how do you know if that furniture set is the best buy? Ask yourself two questions: Does it make you happy? Will it compliment the look of your room? If you are still confused, ask your interior designer to help you. Remember, it is important to nail down your requirements for the room before you get started, because there's nothing more frustrating than spending your hard earned money and then regretting it.

Soften the corners

Most of the things come with 90 degree angles. The tables, chairs, rugs, pictures and so on. According to the best interior decorators in Mumbai, one of the easiest ways to make a room visually appealing is to soften the corners. On the other hand, you can also have some round edged furniture to avoid the sharp and pointy look of your room. A round coffee table or a rug can be a great addition to soften the corners.

Try to avoid buying a new set

Don't visit a store and buy the full set. It will look like you went out one morning and finished everything in a hurry. It is important to let the added items blend slowly. Remember, it is much like dressing perfectly. It is not about one shirt or trouser, it is about how all of them look together. The same thing can be applied to interior decoration as well. Everything you buy should complement each other and blend together visually. They should not have a matchy-matchy appearance at all. Take your time to evaluate each option carefully and how they look together. Sometimes you can also repurpose an existing object. Change the pillows or realign the furniture might give that desired look to your home.

What is a room really? Well, it's much like a box. When decorating, start with the big options and then gradually move on to the smaller parts like the walls, things attached to the walls like lights, paint, switch boards, and so on. Sometimes even before the project has started you may feel like placing a coffee table in the middle of the room, that's great you are not there yet. You can put it on the wish list but wait till you are done with the rest of the box.

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