Letting Your Kids Create a DIY Layered Abstract Art

Being parents you know it is quite a challenge making your kids choose physical activities over games and TV. Painting is an art not many kids will be good at but you can motivate and encourage their creative aptitudes by arranging fun artistic activities that encourages them to open their mind and create whatever they want to.

Kids are bound to return to PC games if they don't find anything entertaining enough to hold their attention. Abstract art painting only sounds too complicated for the kids, whereas on the contrary it is a very fun activity that will keep both their minds and hearts involved.

Choose a weekend that you are free on and give your kids a prior notice but keep the activity a secret, this will build their excitement.

When the weekend arrives, make the activity feel special by showing them a spot where their masterpieces will be hanged.

Sit with the kids and tell them to follow your instructions.

1. You will need a canvas, some transparent sheets of the size of canvas. Acrylic paints, brushes and sponges. Here's more information about https://juliadurango.com/ review our own website.
You can use just about anything to create different textures in the abstract art. From bubble wraps to leaves use anything you want.

Let the kids choose an item of their choice; it will make their brain work to think of what they can use to create what is on their minds.

2. After everything is arranged, show the kids how the transparent sheets will act as layers on top of the canvas and they can paint on the transparent sheets to create a feel of the art being distant from the first layer. Place the sheet on top of one another and start by making a tree like figure then on the next create another tree but on the other side.

This will help them understand what the layers are doing.

3. Give your kids full rein to make whatever they feel like. It's quite fascinating to see the white canvas fill with shapes and colors from their tiny artistic minds. Tell the kids to first start painting the canvas but keep their abstract ideas a minimum on the actual canvas. They can use the extra items such as leaves to create different shapes.

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