Top 4 Reasons To Quit Weed

I used to be an everyday stoner. I would say I was going to quit weed every once in awhile, but never followed through. I justified this with the usual excuses. I'm sure you know them...

I'm going to go over my old favorites and what I realized when I ended up finally quitting marijuana forever.

"No one ever overdosed on marijuana."
Totally true. Weed isn't going to kill you from sitting down and smoking an ounce. You'd pass out long before you ever kill yourself.

But what about the damage to your body that happens more slowly? It may not kill you, but be honest with yourself. Have you ever experienced any of the following?

-You never feel like you have had enough sleep, even when you get 8 or more hours.
-You get multiple colds or flus during the winter every year
-You often have thick phlegm in your throat that you want to spit out

If you know what I'm talking about here, then you have proof that even if smoking weed won't kill you, it does affect your body in bad ways. They aren't permanent, but they're certainly not going to go away if you keep smoking.

Taking bong hits tears up your lungs, and so does smoking blunts. Smoke in your lungs is not good for them, period. It can lead to emphysema, but even if it doesn't, aren't you tired of feeling half-alive until you get high?

"Weed addiction doesn't exist, so I can quit whenever I want."

Weed isn't like crack or meth, obviously. Not many people start stealing from their friends and family to feed their weed addiction and end up starving on the streets.

That doesn't mean weed addiction is a myth. It can be both physically and psychologically addicting.

You notice these effects if you try to go without smoking for a few days and you start getting easily irritated, you can't sleep, and you constantly think about how you wish you could smoke weed. I'm guessing if you've ever tried to quit and failed, you know what I'm talking about. I can't think of what these effects could be called except signs of addiction.

"I'd just be spending that money on something else for entertainment."

When you smoke weed, you are pretty much burning money. You get high for an hour or two, maybe a couple more depending on your body and tolerance levels, and then you feel tired the rest of the day.

How many hundreds of dollars a month are you spending for that 'entertainment'? I was personally spending upwards of $200 some months, and that's a low estimate when I was in full swing.

Imagine all the cool things you could do if you saved that money every month and put it into things you will really remember. Concerts, vacations, gifts, a new hobby, or maybe just relaxing in other healthier ways, like getting a massage every week or two.

"It's mind over matter, and I don't let weed affect me negatively."

This is the ultimate self-denial. This was my favorite excuse to use whenever I failed to quit weed. I considered myself a smart girl, and didn't think weed could control my life. It wasn't until I quit and started having to find new habits and routines in my life that I realized what I'd been missing.

I no longer had to creep around friends and family members who I had to hide my smoking from.

I could hold meaningful conversations with people without forgetting what my last sentence had been.

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