Nova Corps

The Nova Corps is a fictional intergalactic military services and law enforcement power appearing in American comic guides published by Marvel Comics. Produced by writer Marv Wolfman, the Corps initial appeared in Fantastic Four #205 (April 1979). They have given that appeared in various other Marvel stories established in outer house and media adaptations, this kind of as the animated Television sequence The Tremendous Hero Squad Demonstrate and the 2014 film Guardians of the Galaxy, the latter of which is established in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Publication record
The team was developed by writer Marv Wolfman. Richard Rider, the first member, appeared in The Man Referred to as Nova #1 (September 1976). The Corps initially appeared in Fantastic Four #205 (April 1979).

Fictional organization historical past
The Nova Corps had been originally a area army and exploration group for the world Xandar. It consisted of five hundred troopers ranging in rank from Corpsman up to Centurion and its chief Centurion Nova Prime. The supply of the Nova Corps electric power is called the Nova Drive which is an limitless vitality produced by a residing computer termed the Xandarian Worldmind. The Nova Corps police the recognized universe, underneath the directive of the Pans World Treaty.[1]

The Nova Corps and Xandar were ruined three instances: when by the alien Zorr,[2] after by the space pirate Nebula,[three] and at the time by the Annihilation Wave.[four] They also experienced a high priced war with the Skrulls.[five]

For the duration of the Skrull's Key Invasion of Earth, the Nova Corps have been shaped a fourth time to assist Nova Key Richard Rider protect the Project Pegasus developing from the Skrulls.[6] Their base of functions was inside of Ego the Living World, rechristened "Nu-Xandar".[7]

For the duration of the Kree-Shi'ar War, the Xandarian Worldmind begins recruiting new members to the Nova Corps with out telling Richard. Upon studying that Moi the Living Planet is one particular of the Nova Corps, Richard speaks towards this to the Xandarian Worldmind. Richard is stripped of his rank and discharged from the Nova Corps. Immediately after most of the new recruits are slaughtered by the Shi'ar's Imperial Guard, Moi is discharged from the Nova Corps and Richard is reinstated.
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Afterwards, Richard agrees to teach the remaining recruits, which also involves his more youthful brother Robert.[seven]

For the duration of the war with the Cancerverse, Richard requires the Nova Power from the other recruits to use in opposition to Thanos. Richard seemingly dies prior to returning it, leaving the Nova Corps powerless.[8]

When the Phoenix Drive returns to Earth in a guide-up to the Avengers vs. X-Adult men storyline, a new centurion named Sam Alexander comes to enable the Avengers cease it.[9][10]

It was later unveiled that there was a black ops variation of the Nova Corps named the Supernovas (AKA the Black Novas).[11]

Throughout the Initial Sin storyline, Sam discovered from the eye of the murdered Uatu the Watcher that the membership of the Supernovas consisted of intruders and killers. He later discovered that although The Black Novas began with corrupt Novas stealing the Nova Power, they at some point became a sanctioned, exclusive forces arm of the Nova Corps.[12]

The Nova Corps is demonstrated to be rebuilding alone, with new recruits and outdated associates, in the 2017 volume of the 'All New Guardians of the Galaxy'.

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