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The fashion industry as well as the marijuana industry has some creative people and both the sectors have joined hands in producing cannabis related accessories. The cannabis companies have been looking for cannabis clothing brands that can give the usual products a branded design makeover to reach out to different and larger audiences.

Use of hemp in fabrics

Hemp had been discovered as a source to produce a variety of fabrics more durable than cotton and since then has been extensively used in the textile industry for manufacturing a range of products. While its flexibility and strength provides base for durable rugs and upholstery, the apparel segment has also expansively explored its use in tailoring various forms of clothes including the famous denim jeans. Before the advent of cotton in the US, hemp was largely used in clothing.

Reasons why cannabis is gaining relevance into fashion

There are a large number of celebrities who openly assert their love for the green leaf and in the in the glamour world, talking about weed is not uncommon. Secondly, cannabis companies wish to catch up with the apparel industry for attaining greater visibility with branding and marketing. The fashion industry visualizes this as a great opportunity to benefit from the legalization of cannabis as they can use leaf beyond clothes and explore its use across accessories like bongs, vaporizers, pipes etc. Many cannabis brands use the high-tech designing to manufacture cannabis clothing.

Thematic use of cannabis in apparel

Inclusion of cannabis leaves in the fabric has prominently emerged in the past few years. For instance, Jeremy Scott, the Director of Moschino creative introduced the green-washed logo of Adidas in 2012 followed by Mara Hoffman's cannabis leaves woven trousers and dresses in 2015. Cannabis Pins Nug pins, High times pins, Weed skull pins are quite commonly used and in great demand. Cannabis inspired apparel also includes the Marijuana Strain T-Shirts that claim to be made of natural soft materials and inks. Bob Marley is commonly found to feature in T-shirts, hoodies and hats.

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